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Server Transfer?


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17 hours ago, Foxacker-EK said:

i would love to Xfer my EK glad to  DN or KT plz open, EK is hella dead and boring already :/

Well if the past repeats itslef, transfers should open for DN and KT which EK is left to stabilize itself for a good 6 months or so. Which isn't a problem if a new toon can't transfer, since you can level  a new one so quickly now if you want to - not like in 5.8.

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7 hours ago, ClaireSentient-DN said:

But how do you know? I haven't seen a word about this subject anywhere

Cyan said this at some topic somewhere. He also said that EK transfers will not be available. I could quote him but im too lazy to look for it, sorry :P

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