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SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

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There may be more to the story.

A few years ago I decided to make my own statistics on the "return per snowball." I had a bunch of accounts of both races on all servers and a lot of time on my hands. I ended up collecting and opening around 1200 snowballs. Each snowball would open a half-dozen times on average, so I had 7000 or so "openings." Enough to make valid statistics. I kept records in a spreadsheet, which is still around.

Interestingly, the statistics varied by race and server, mostly in the last step. In other words, opening a snowball from level n to n+1 or n+2, like opening a +5 to give a +6 or +7, had the same probability irrespective of race or server, but one of the steps beyond +10 (brilliant, prism, or something) varied quite a bit.

I puzzled about this and eventually concluded it was NCSOFT managing the economy. The event added a lot of high value loot, but I discovered the servers/races where the event added the most were the ones that were lagging in usage and health of the economy.

NCSOFT didn't say the statistics varied and I didn't post anything at the time. I did feel some players were getting "cheated," if you can call it that, because there were postings on the forums about how lucrative the event was, but a player on the wrong race/server might be destined to get only 20% as much loot.

The previous authors in this thread seem not to realize that statistics can vary.

I have no idea if the statistics actually vary this year. With the current rules, it'd be really hard to get 1200 snowballs. I see people above claiming 3000 snowballs, I had snowballs on all the races/servers.

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On 21/12/2018 at 2:53 AM, StarWebIcarii-KT said:

I have a terrible RNG on all my accounts, so this year I won't even try the event. It's Xmas and I will be busy with my family so I will have plenty of time to do something better than losing my patience and getting upset by a silly game. :)

Ho...Ho....Ho Merry Christmas to everybody. :)

I am logging in every day with my main and I do not even bother doing the event anymore. I do not get the 2x from the npc and I also my prestige ended like 2 days ago and I will not be renewing it. This game is empty, I am not going to get prestige to get etra pve instance entries that I no longer do.

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Got and opened around 115 Snowballs, and the result was only 'one' +10.

As for the rest, got around 16-18 Bundle's from failures at +7, +8 and +9 (4-5 "+9" bundles out of the), and the +9 bundles only gave me "Transparent Transformation Scroll".

Guess would sell away the only +10 one after a few months.

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2k+ snowballs gave only 20  +10 (wont even open them , rubbish rewards). so rate is ~100 for 1 +10 and its 2x worse than before when we had average 1 +10 for ~50 snowballs. Event nerfed, rewards rubbish but it was worth to do it .................................... because got last proof that its not worth to play AION 6.2 on NA in current state.

1) PvE - close to 0 content end game (2 instances for starters, 2 for ppl in 78lvl sets, 2 for ppl in Mythic+ sets and 5 of them is 5.x instances) and one we have is highly limited with entry counts.

2) PvP - no way to get certain items in reasonable amount in game and its mean no way get set to counter ones with compensated gears.

3) 2 weeks ago legion had 15-20+ ppl online, last days maybe 4-6. Since we are in discord etc then know that ALL who left playing another games.

P.S. Wont repeat other reasons why its in so bad state because its posted like 12342546 times already.

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I ended up getting 9 +10 snowballs across all accounts over the two weeks. Four of which I bought with NCoin. (So 5 legit with no money spent.) I got the dreaded stars twice, 5 transformation contracts, a handful of PvE stones and 2 legendary Daevian Skill Boxes. One of which I got on the last day (with some stars!) and one I got in the first week (with some more stars!). 

I didn't see a difference in the loot tables from the first week to the last.

I think the worst thing about this iteration of our beloved snowball event was the really low chance to get anything to +10. In fact, I had a horrible time just getting things to +7 so I could get any reward at all. 

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