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Good question.

I suspect the answer is.. it makes people feel better. Anti-chest software, such as Gameguard, are really really expensive bandaids over huge gaping wounds. They block a tiny fraction of those that are cheating and make players "feel better" because the company is "doing something".

I had high hopes for XGINCODE. BDO had it and did big banwaves after the gathering information period. Aion didn't. So either it doesn't work or Aion doesn't have the will to actually ban people that they catch. Either is likely.

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1 hour ago, Aliseta-DN said:

Did check RU servers last week, 0 bots.


Getting rid of bots is easy. Have someone from Support go in once or twice a day and clean them out. Ofc the person would need to be able to spot a bot and that would mean Support needed to actually do some -work- and understand games.

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