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Ancient Transform for Ranger


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i have messed around with DPS on multiple ancient transforms and it seems to be around the same DPS whether i use a straight ATTK speed transform or an ATTK/Casting speed transform. but i see people using attk speed ones and some using the attk/casting speed. just curious to which you prefer and why? Trying to figure out which i want to use, just trying to get opinions....

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If the skill reads: "Cast Time: Cast Instantly" then we need Attack Speed.

Casting Speed speeds up Focused Shots. If we are using that skill a lot, an att/cast speed transform may be helpful.

A few Ranger traps have a cast time, but Nimble Fingers reduces that cast time to 0. Ripthread Shot has a casting speed.

And that's about it for Casting Speed. Nimble Fingers could still be on CD, so a faster cast can help, a little.

I do not worry about Casting Speed at all, because I do not use Focused Shots. Attack Speed helps with 90% of Ranger Skills.



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