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Computer Freezes at 40% Load


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Hey guys, I'm at the end of my ropes here. Ever since my old Windows 10 Enterprise boot drive blew up, I ended up getting a new Windows 10 Pro along with a new MSI nVidia GTX 1050 Ti video card.

Ever since then, my Aion client will sporadically freeze up my system anywhere from 22% to 40%, thus forcing me to do a hard shut down. Whenever I uninstall both Ncsoft Launcher and Aion, a fresh reinstall would allow me back into the game without any issues. When I try to shut down my system after a successful Aion load, it hangs and again forces me to do a hard shut down. Next time I attempt to load up the game again, it starts to freeze the PC consistently at 40%.

I've done all various combinations of shutting off the CFG, DEP and SEHOP Exploit settings, deleting bin32 and bin64, renaming bin64 to bin32, shutting down all non-Microsoft services in MSCONFIG, deleting or allowing write to the xhunter1.sys, etc. My system is already at the 30th to 40th hard shut down, and I'm already starting to occasionally lose the mappings to some of my hard drives, so I don't know what damage I'm already doing to my PC.

Has anyone had any similar issues that I'm experiencing with the 40% load freezing up the PC?

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What you're describing looks like HW problem/drivers.... you will have to try this so you can get to know what's going on. After each point reboot and try if it goes up. if you get to point 4; it depends on results you will get

1) Check if your system is up to date (windows, drivers, etc)

2) New GPU can sometimes mean problems.. was the new windows installed after the GPU was installed? Anyway uninstall all the GPU drivers via DDU, reboot and intall them from official source (not msi.com but nvidia site)

3) mapped devices could have been lost by shutting down the services, if nothing above helped I'd recommend making new windows installation (+ drivers, updates etc)

4) If even then it's freezing, you'll have to run some stress test and see if computer crashes or not, mainly GPU/RAM stress test, if it crashes, it's gonna be HW released (Bluescreen is considered crash) You can check your RAM by Memtest (error test, can cause crashes), in case of stresstesting RAM you can use Prime95. And for GPU I'd recommend some stress test like Furmark. Feel free to use any other if you have a favorite one

Hope this helps.

PS.: the things you tried are related to totally different errors, you weren't experiencing any of them

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I will try the aforementioned recommendations, but it is highly unlikely that it would fall on hardware issues due to the consistency of the error, and the fact that I can run Aion when it is a fresh install. At this point I will try anything LOL

Thank you guys!

Also, I would like to mention that the reason why I started going down the rabbit hole of what I was trying to do to fix the issue is because I initially got the issue that said "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module", that's why I thought it would have been the related issue.

At this point, my issue is beyond that where there is no error message coming up.

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An update to this ticket. The escalation went to the devs who reviewed my DxDiag log and found this to be the possible culprit:

Asmedia 106x SATA Controller

I went ahead to uninstall this per GM's instructions, and this cleared up my issue. No more computer freezing, no more incomplete shut downs. Game plays normally now too.

Thanks to all who chimed in! :x

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