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Aetherforging masterwork chance?

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Is there any spreadsheet because I am more than sure I wasted plenty of billions trying to craft me some ultimate masterwork boots (for the running speed) and it failed miserably.

First I crafted 30 ancient and ended up with 1x ultimate but not masterwork. then I crafted another 60 and I video taped it. This time I got 2x ultimate boots but still not masterwork, So a total of 90x boots crafted and I got 3x legendary masterwork and all those 3 became normal ultimate.


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Aetherforging Gear Craft Proc Rate Research

So far I can only conclude that proc rate for ancients is in the ballpark of 20%-ish.

Sample size is too small for Legendary to draw any conclusions. I left them at Legendary masterwork and equipped them on my main chanter.

My boot is legendary PvP Genesis Crystal. Waiting for NCWest to buff up the enchantment rate (if NCSoft approves the request of getting 6.5 enchantment rates before the arrival of 6.5 update)


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