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Any idea on how long it takes for a customer support ticket to get resolved? I'm a returning player who played years ago and setup a pin code then. I have obviously since forgotten said pin code and submitted a ticket to get it reset, something that I would imagine takes minutes to resolve and fix. However, it has been a full work day and I have yet to receive a response. If this is normal, any idea on how I could apply for ncsoft customer service job? I would love to sit on my ass all day and do nothing while receiving a paycheck. 

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Usually tickets are answered within 24 hours. Yours is actually easy, so it would be resolved on the first go around. (Things that have to do with actual game play take longer as Support is pretty much pants-on-head stupid.)

BUT.. it's New Years Eve. Holiday. So it will probably take longer. Just bad timing.

A tip.. don't bump your ticket. Once you submit, you need to just be patient. Responding to it before they actually respond has the opposite effect than what you think. You responding to your ticket before they reply to you marks the ticket as "new" and places it at the bottom of the stack of tickets to be answered.

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That is actually useful information about bumping your ticket. I had initially created the ticket and then went back to add on extra information by responding to it after 2 hours had passed. So I'm sure I just popped it back to the bottom of the stack.

With that being said, I was able to figure out my pin code after going over possible number combinations that would have been relevant to me 5 years ago. 

Thank you. 

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