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Cleric nuevo necesita ayuda / New Cleric Need Help

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Hola hola, tengo muchas dudas con mis stigmas para instancias (no juego como dps voy siempre full heal) ¿qué stigmas me recomiendan?, cuanto healboost necesito para ir bien en FM/BoS se que son preguntas noobs pero necesito hacerlas para sacarme la duda de antemano muchas gracias.

Hello hello, First of all my English sucks, second; I have many doubts with my stigmas for instances (I don't play as hibrid heal/dps I always go full heal) my question is:  what stigmas you recommend to me?, how much healboost i needed to do it fine in FM/BoS well i know that are noob questions but he needed to do them. Thanks you to much.

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For heals I run..

  • Benevolence
  • Ripple of Purification
  • Splendor of Rebirth
  • Noble Grace
  • Saving Grace
  • Retribution Lightening (for a little dps.. you can change this one out for whatever makes you happy)

If you get the accessories from Mirash and CoE and half of the armor/weapons from CoE and tune things to give you heal boost and HP where you can, you should be fine for FM/BoS with your Benevolence running. You don't need super amounts of heal boost until PF/IDD.

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