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Bots Bots Bots on EK-ELYOS

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Join the club. I take a turn around those beginning areas every so often and re-report all the bots on DN-Asmodian.

Support blows.

What we really need back is the "Suspected Bot" tittle from when we had the Idian Depths. How that worked was that if a character got enough bot reports in a certain period of time, a script fired that placed the title "Suspected Bot" over their head and a debuff that gave them NO DROPS. It wore off with time automatically. Basically we players could take care of the bots by reporting without Support having to do anything (which is their normal state anyway) and if a player got tagged by mistake (or maliciously) Support could get involved via the ticket system.

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You know what we really need? The option to trade itens again, so we don't have to put it on broker in order to give it to someone else, then auto buy bots will be useless.
What's the point of blocking trade from almost everything in the game if you can still broker it? Is NC just trying to find ways for people to create new types of bots or something? Its dumb.

About farming bots, i don't think there will ever be a solution to it.  I mean, even P2P games have it, but NC could atleast do a mass ban once in a while.
The ''Suspected bot'' is awesome too, i remember that option but didn't know it gave no drop to that character. That's pretty cool, why the nyerk did they remove that.

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@Aly-DN since 6.2 i have the bot report skill in my bar, but it doesn't seem to be enough to get those farm bots banned i guess support its just plain lazy xD  you have to do the research and evidence gathering for them to get something done, a couple of months ago there was a guy abusing an event using tons of bots, i counted at least 6 accounts botting at the same time. I sent them a ticket explaining the situation with all the info i could and a 10 minute video of the bots. After a day bots were gone.

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There is only a tiny number of bots on EK compared to KT where most of my toons are, and it was hard to get at the weekly mobs.

Yes, the report function doesn't seem to work.

Be sure you are reporting a bot, I grind on my chanter for hours every day to get mats for crafting, and that could easily be mistaken for a bot, going around the same circle of mobs day in day out. It's not fun either, I would rather buy the mats off someones bot on the broker, but kinah on EK is hard to get, so I am forced to grind. It is fun when some Asmo thinks you are a bot and you kill them :)

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