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Aion: Legions of War (mobile game) lore.. seriously?


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So I came upon the link for the Aion mobile game. (Aion: Legions of War) I've been playing Aion since '09, so I clicked out of curiosity. I already knew that the hero's big, dark secret is that he is half Asmodian. (*le gasp!*) So I pretty much figured the game would be filled with beautiful, white-winged, sun-kissed Elyos women with BnS body physics and this one tortured-soul guy trying to pass as full Elyos or trying to live down his tainted Asmodian blood or something of that sort. (*insert bodice ripper/Fabio romance novel cover*)

And yeah.. the characters they show are exactly what you would think with the addition of the Krall (which look Krallish) and the Balaur..


Yes. That's right! The Balaur are robots (aethertechs) and were created by the evil Asmodians!



So here is my theory. For the development of this game, they promoted some of the Support Staff to writer and had them draft up the lore, since apparently the connections with pre-existing Aion lore are tenuous at best. Why re-use the name Balaur if they weren't going to make them drakan? Somehow I just know that somewhere is this game there will be a tool-tip stating that they can't tell you how to get the mythical thing called "contribution" but to try not to die too often and that will help.


Though if you want to know what happened to all of us.. we're dead.


Yup. The Daevas are dead. The Empyrean Lords are dead. The Dragon Lords are dead. And apparently the Balaur were never drakan. 



The end.

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20 minutes ago, Sun-DN said:

I hope is not the same team that work in Aion Online. They still need to fix this shitty patch before focus something else.

Best of luck - don’t you realize that this makes it even more likely than the PC version gets shut down in NA? There’s no reason to keep it running especially since they’ve likely milked EK for all that they’re likely to get.

i doubt that they’re really willing to spend anything on keeping the PC version going let alone investing in it.


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Seriously NCSoft? "Despite the success... were annihilated in the final battle.." You are kidding right? You really can't think of a better way to continue the story? If this is really how they are doing it I'm having nothing to do with this new Aion mobile. 

So my question is now: Will they even continue Aion?

and if so: For how long? Since apparently we all die fighting the last dragon lord. WTF. This is the most ridiculous story development yet. Good job NC for killing what was a good story in the beginning. 

Also I want to clarify about that dreadnought. It is just saying the dreadnought was an Asmodian aethertech that the balaur now have. You can clarify this by looking at the Elyos one next to it. The elyos version was discarded as scrap and redesigned to be used by balaur. 

But Seriously NC? Kill all the empyrean lords and daevas just to move the story to a mobile game?? Yeah eff that...

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Why anyone would want to play a mobile rpg pvp game is beyond me. Guess just a matter of what you like. Enjoy the 3" x 5" view and make sure your thumb nails are manicured you will be seeing them a lot. as others have said before, just funding the mobile projects now. The way this game has been mishandled and ignored gives me absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend anything on any products they have. Came back about 6 weeks ago spent roughly 100 with hopes and it ended up just wasted money. Something that will never happen again with Ncsoft. 9 years and out, started Kaisinel ely ( hi Aly from Anyeurism), and end on Siel asmo. Was waiting for this from Ncsoft, knew it was coming.

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Some how this doesn't surprise me. Just like the crap shoot that is 6.2, the thing that a lot of people were warning us about, people were also warning us about "Aion 2" and the likes of this. I'm not sure if these are the same thing but they are both mobile games that are not only outright terrible, but also screw with established lore beyond all belief. Aion will collapse in the west, the muscle in Korea has made absolutely sure of that with their terrible decisions. They have shown time and time again for the last decade and a half that they do not understand their western market. If it works in Korea, obviously it just works.

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What kind of nyerk is this...... Lmao.


Despite the success of the alliance between the Elyos, Asmodian, and Reian races in defeating the dragons, all of the Empyreans and most of the Daevas were annihilated in the final battle against the last dragon lord.


Nice to know that we all gonna die anyway and it's all pointless. Even after "uniting" part which is the only thing I like in this sentence.

I like this theme of half-blood asmo-ely guy uniting all the races, creating some sort of united alliance and so on (since whew, this is a Common sense and always have been) but really?

"All the Empyreans and most of daevas were annihilated"

Big fat yawn.

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