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I think I installed the ncsoft version of 6.2 but I was playing on a different server.  Since then I decided to come back to this one and I can get in and play the game just fine.  My problem is that I have ??? on a lot item stats, a few ??? on the menu for things like minons and transformations and my black cloud marketplace opens up the previous servers website, not this ones.  Any quick fixes for this?  It takes me days to download the game so I really, really don't want to have to start from scratch.


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I did a little experimenting and I did not have to start from scratch. 

I deleted the bin 32 and bin 64, also deleted Data eur and usa folders and l10N Enu and Eng, Not sure why I chose those folders but that's what I started with.  I logged on and repaired.  The download was about 4gb and took a couple of hours, but ONE of those folders fixed the problem of ???? and the BCM.  No need to start from scratch after all :)  The game works perfect and everything now has the proper explanations rather than question marks

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