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what is really going on?

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like the title says, wtf is going on? it's like they just abandoned us without even saying nyerk you all! holidays are clearly over, there are soo many issues with the game, i dont even think they know where to begin fixing things. This bullshit "talking with the devs" isnt gonna cut it anymore. We need to start seeing some changes being implemented into the game, and yesterday!!! 3 months of shit with no changes in sight. nearly a week of luna being nyerked, and still havent even fixed that. SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR!! but ofc, we're "screwed" out of few shitty things worth crafting in luna anyway. the player base is shit, i wouldnt be surprised if they're are 200 ppl on across the 3 servers,  unless it's siege time.. and even then, they just log on and half go afk, cuz there is no point in even doing anything. Reset days are a joke, within 2-3 hrs, all instances are on cd. what, they plan to $5-$10 us to death, to buy luna to do more PvE runs?... lmao..Go back to where instances reset every other day... give more entries to adrege id, something.. grow a  pair, admit you nyerked up, be responsible, and FIX YOUR SHIT!! im sorry, any other company, had a product failing, and they actually cared about it, best believe their asses would be pulling overtime, extra shifts, what ever it took to fix their product, so it's selling again. you guys, are just adding fuel to the raging inferno by not even saying anything to people. when someone feels ignored by someone, they move on, they dont sit around and wait for you to give them attention, which is exactly what is happening here, ppl are leaving every day, i promise you the "new players" coming, does not balance out the ppl leaving.  Sure, it was the holidays, but im pretty sure way things are going, your "benefit package" for employees does not cover 2 full weeks of paid time off over the holidays. All the "old players" that everyone is saying are the only ones keeping the game alive (me being one of them) are getting fed up with this "shell" of a game. you play for 2 hrs, and you can see this game not only in player base, but content feels sooooo "incomplete" . and it's not like they're not around. im seeing posts on the forums (dont be surprised if this one dont) getting locked. they're around. they are hiding cuz they are "ashamed" to even show face here anymore, other regions are even implementing "incentives" to try and keep ppl playing, while we're STILL LEFT IN THE nyerkING DARK!

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They delayed to give us one of the biggest patch of this game then they took a vacation without giving us a decent event or fixing the patch issues. Now a Mobile Aion is coming and nothing about fixing this one or update to 6.5~7.0, Lovely

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