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The game is not balanced


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I have Gladiator lvl 37. Most of the skill is unconditional. It can only be use if the enemy is in stumble. But there's only one skill that can put the enemy in stumble state. Meaning i level up to gained useless power because i can only use 1 conditional skill. And those power is not even powerful. I cant heal not even protect myself. I wish Gladiator have more privilege on attacking. Cause in my opinion Gladiator (Who should be the beast on the game) is way more powerful than Cleric (That should just more on protect and healing for others). But no, Cleric is way more powerful than gladiator if you try 1 on 1. Which makes it really unfair and unbalanced.


Actually i dont know what i can suggest, but please make it balanced. If ever, i wish Gladiator is more effective on Remove Shock. Not limited for 7s only with 30s cooldown. Because they are the most tough means they should be stable. Cause right now,its just have same as other Remove Shock like others. Remove Shock should be on early level for Gladiator not lvl 40+ before it earned. And the conditional skill please fix it. It has so many conditional skill (to used need the enemy on stumbe) yet only one skill to make the enemy stumble. Its like i level to gained useless power. And also, .Since im new in Gladiator, I dont know yet its full skill, But I HOPE, Gladiator has privilege on attack even the enemy is on shield, cause they are the toughest. Close range and don't have power to heal and to block. 

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