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Has anyone seen Shugo spawn in BoS by solo rushing this week (nerfed?)

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On 13/01/2019 at 3:32 AM, Voodoodoctor-DN said:

A chanter doesnt need the skill for PF. Just need to rotate between woq/spellstop/elemental screen at the right time. A cleric has more than enough heal boosting CDs to heal through the adds phase. A chanter that can dps well and pop the right spells/shields is better than a chanter focusing on heals only. It's a dps race in there.

I dont think any chanter focus on heal only (now that chanters got a competitive dps) in PF anyways and i would say that the skill really plays a major role in PF, its important, not impossible to do without it at least in the old servers. 

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