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Cross Server Instances


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They do.

Go to the door and hit "gather allies".

The problem is that for Aion cross-server dungeons are usually pre-arranged. For example, friends on KT are putting together an IDD and they need one more heal cleric. Rather than wait around for one that they trust to login on KT, they hit me up on discord and ask me if I want to go. Then they put their group up at the door and I apply.

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10 minutes ago, Telamos-DN said:

Most people aren’t going to want to pug IDD or PF, and honestly I don’t even trust FM or BoS without a pre-arranged premade.

Thats true, I mean why waste your entry PF/IDD if you know the person is not ready to do them, not every run can be a carry. For FM/BoS its  easier since its not mainly about DPS but understanding the mechanics of instance. I just dont accept people if there will be a language barrier between us.

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