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How to make aion old players come back


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No I ain't talking about change core system or transformation or anything that mess up korea update I'm talking something like add ons and easy to implement.

The ancient problem from day 1 with Aion is ganking pvp system everybody hate it everyone were asking for pve mode or turn pvp on/off flag system but never implement ofc this will make pvp died and pvp people don't like that.So here I come for a solution.

We will make everyone dropping genesis crystals to their killers and their groups.No you ain't really losing your genesis if u died.For example if A kill B,A will get 10 genesis crystals.Ok you got an idea now ? Let's me explain the whole system.

PvE ancient gears players do not give any genesis upon dead.
PvE legendary gears players will give 3 genesis upon dead.
PvE ultimate gears players will give 5 genesis upon dead.

PvP ancient gears players will give 3 genesis upon dead.
PvP legendary gears players will give 5 genesis upon dead.
PvP ultimate gears players will give 8 genesis upoin dead

Additional system if a gear with +5 will give extra 5 genesis,+10 will give extra 10 genesis,+15 will give extra 15 genesis.
Starting from 1 star amy will give additional +5 genesis+10 for 2 star,+15 for 3 star,+20 for 4 star like this until gov.
If you have a single piece of legendary,ultimate it will considering you have legendary/ultimate gears if you mixing pvp/pve gears it will considered you have pvp gears.

This will cause pvping happening everywhere in Laklum and all pvpers will hunt pvpers.

And with 6.5 update you can use genesis crystal to craft skillbook.
Anyway it's just my idea if you got questions or see flaws in this system please tell me thank you. :)

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2 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

actuallyl you can get genesis cristals killing ppl (pvp quest)

Exactly that's why they hunting pvers who doing camps that's why this system come into and make people want to hunt pvpers for genesis.

Pvpers can hunt opposite pvpers and get rewards.The stronger enemies are the higher rewards are.

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What as been Aion's oldest issue other then no PvE servers? Rank trading for rewards. While the idea is nice in theory all people are going to do is find people on the other faction through lfg and trade crystals with them then move on to the next group.

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So you think that adjusting pvers being killed in open world by pvpers will bring back old players?

You realize Aion has been this way since day 1. Literally. This isn't the problem or the incentive to bring back old players; any OG coming back is probably going to be PvP orientated because that's what's good about Aion, not the PvE... The pve is actually quite boring for the most part. Perhaps suggest a revamp on that aspect, like instances, rather than adjusting Open World which has relatively been the same forever. Granted there were separate lands for both Asmo and Elyos but rifts were almost always accessible and back then in 1.9 + you also had to deal with twinks on a regular, consistent basis.

The problem isn't the PvPers Vs PvErs or trading points or crystals. Funny enough, you say you don't want a core change but that's really what Aion is at it's core... It's all the dumb mechanics and paths they keep placing in the game that don't need to be there, it's the lack of service and it's the lack of transparency and communication that has been driving people away. Patches and new content always, always bring a big burst in population back but they can never hold it. We aren't waiting for a PvP/PvE game instead of a PvPvE, we're waiting for the company to act like a company.


If you want to bring back old players, bring back the old NCwest that handled the game like a product for us to enjoy and not a bank account to be squeezed dry. In a time when every other game developer and studio continues down a concerning path, now could be the time for NCsoft/NCwest to stand up and be an icon in the gaming world, by treating us as the two things we are:
Gamers, and customers, not a cash cow.



Hahahahaha ya right.


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