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Screenshot - naming


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I am not sure how easy that is to change, but the way the client names the screenshots is not good, if you take a few screenshots and delete on of them, the next screenshot will take the name of that, ruining the row you got them.

Fraps for example has the best naming for screenshots, it has the date and hours, minutes and seconds the screenshot was taken so not only it is easier to find it also has the date as the name and it is super easy to just see when they were taken without having to right click and see the details.

Sure this is not an important fix, I usually do not take screenshots with the client for this reason, but rather with fraps, it is just that some times i need a screenshot and I forgot to have fraps opened. If the client could simply change the naming, this would have been awesome.

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40 minutes ago, Timmain-KT said:

I think Blade&Soul does YearMonthDay_000/001/002/etc for their screenshot naming method, so I'd like to believe it's hypothetically possible for NCsoft to rename the Aion screenshots after a similar format if they ever felt like it.

Fraps does an amazing job also writing the name of the program that took the screenshot from like this:

Aion 2018-09-13 04-17-19-89, this would have been
Game <space> Year-Motnh-Day <space> Hour-Minute-Second-Centisecond

I am not sure about the 1/100th of the second (centisecond) but the rest is surely the hour, minute and seconds, while the last number is anything from 00 to 99

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