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Not trying to spread rumors but I just had ABSURDLY bad luck in crafting.  Went 21 items without a crit and finally got it on my 22nd try.  Out of the remaining 18 items, only 2 more crit.  I mean there's bad rng and then there's unrealistically bad rng so I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience (literally only today).  Wondering if maybe some mistake was made since they're trying to nerf other rng rates in the game.

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It's my theory, but I think the crafting has a capacity limit. that would explain why the ultimate critical pieces have the same price in the factions with plenty of materials than the factions with shortage of materials (ulti kibrium 20k/10kk) for example in the elyos side you can buy a ultimate crit piece for 500kk or more (our ulti kibrium cost 10kk each ,aprox) and in the asmo side you can buy a ultimate piece for the same price (??? their ulti kibrium cost 20k each lol)

So on the Elyo side the cost of production is several times higher but the sale price remains the same.idk how i can explain it

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7 hours ago, Hakumix-KT said:

Was it in a crowded place like Ancient Temple of Wisdom?


8 hours ago, Woo-DN said:

as a crafter who has been doing it for very very long time, these kind of things happen, it's just your rng and your luck. Sometimes you craft 10 items and get 8 procs other times you craft 40 items and no procs it happens

I've always thought this when I fail 12-13 crafts in a row, but 21 is a whole new thing.  If we take the success rate to be about 1/4 or 1/5, the fail rate is 75%-80%.  That means the chances of this happening was 0.75^21 which isn't just a low probability, that's a whole new level of RNG which just makes me wonder if there was some sort of mistake.  I'm not too upset because ancient pieces are so easy to make, just really surprised by the whole thing...

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I can tell you that as someone who has alot fail legendary procs its all rng. Some get master proc on 1st, for others its take longer....

I've been crafting alot this patch but only succeeded  procing 5 legendary items on my own, no Ultimate master yet so wont talk about that...

Recently  the RNGJesus let me proc a legendary orb for my sm on 1st try, that hasnt happened to me before Usually it takes 5-7 tries to get the  good proc....

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