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More Character Slots

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I know I'm beating an old drum here, but I will continue to advocate for this suggestion until it is implemented. We have 11 classes (12 if and when they release the second muse subclass) and only 8 character slots per account. If they are not going to make it easier for us to switch between accounts, then they should at least provide us with enough space on a single account to make each class. It is hard enough switching between your main and your storage account when you need to reach for something useful, but having to juggle 2 accounts just to play all 11-12 classes is a headache, especially if you are like me and have asmos and elyos on different accounts.

Please give us the benefit of more character slots per account. I am aware this isn't something NcWest can do on their own. I just ask for someone with a loud enough voice to listen and respond to our request.

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