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When will NCSoft ever give South America some attention?

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Hello. It's been a while since I last logged in on this game, but it is the kind of game that ALWAYS makes me want to come back, I'm always watching people playing even on times I can't or don't want to play. Well, the thing is, me and maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the server must be playing from South America, and not having an official server for us is extremely frustrating. Due to the lack of a server here, Aion has lost a lot of players that went to play games like Black Desert, because they understood that a brazilian/South American server was NEEDED. My suggestion is for NCSoft to bring Aion to South America, and I assure the hype will be enourmous, even this late.

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Remember we, Europeans, had Aion servers and then they were sold to a 3rd party publisher and in practice there is no more official aion servers in EU. GF is exactly like every private (and illegal) aion game to me. Just because they got legal rights to have the servers that doesn't change the fact they are not affiliated with NCSoft and they have a modified game like all private servers do.

Problem is they took all the wrong decisions, ALL OF THEM, and the game started dieing, once it started dieing it is impossible to revive it.

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