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If you were Aion's Dev what would you do?


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I'm not an active player (because my pc can't handle the game) but i always keep myself updated with the game because i loved this game so much. and because im so bored right now im making this post :D

I really loved the old content and i read that they were removed. But the most fun i had in this game was back when the zones like eltnen, heiron were still PVP zones, just running around those zones looking for enemy rifters was very enjoyable especially when doing it friends. i know those content got removed because they became useless content that nobody now uses.

So if i was the DEV, i would make the Eltnen/Heiron/ a conquerable fort but it would always be vulnerable not like other forts. with this my second idea is weekly legion quests. aside from the game itself the game is more fun to play if you are in an active and fun legion.

For example each week legions would have a quest

ex. Elyos Weekly Legion Quest

Legion 1 - Do not let asmodians take Eltnen something like that

Legion 2 - Take Morheim 

Legion 3: defend heiron

Legion 4: take belusian

you get the point,


also this would mean legions would recruit a lot of players in order to add more players in the defense or attack

and weekly rewards that is too great to pass should be the reward so people would really want to get it done.

Leaving forts always Vulnerable allows a united community to strategize how to attack

also there should be an Alert whenever theres a large number of asmodians crosses the rift.

Example, Imagine you doing your thing just chilling a huge alert comes "A large number of Asmodians Has Been Spotted In Eltnen" !! suddenly you remember your legion's task is to defend eltnen and because the reward is too great to pass you'd stop whatever the f you were doing to join and fight, World chat suddenly becomes active calling the help of everyone. simultaneously another alert comes and sees "A Large number of Asmodians Has been Spotted in Heiron" now both forts are under attack and suddenly the community needs to defend 2 maps with limited info.

 If A faction successfully takes a fort, they would be given reward depending on how long they can hold it the longer the greater reward should be given. while the faction that loses it's fort won't get their legion weekly quest completed so they must try to retake it before the week resets.

i really like the Idea of a non timed siege because un planned events in a game actually excites me a lot. i'd be telling myself, "Oh boy, I'm glad i was online for that one"
there's probably flaws in my idea but i think this is the direction i would have taken if i was Aion's Dev.

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