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Info: Pet Inventory - Abyssal Stars

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Hey so is there a way to get Abyssal Stars in 6.2?

Also two pets in BCM that have inventory, but I do not see how big their inventory is.



And someone told me the Ailu has 18 slots but it is not shared with others that have 18 slots, is that true? A site says that Ailu has 12 slots only but people said it is 18, thi sis confusing.
another person told me Trcio is a 12 slot one, but I need to be sure. BCM is very confusing with no information on anything.


thanks for any information

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OK double post, I got these two, The Ailu one has 18 slots and doesn't share inventory with another 18 slot I have (a drakie). The trico has 12 slots.

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