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We can improve even more (Broker and GP)

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This update of the rates and the Morph system were excellent, but we can leverage and improve the game's economy by putting at least Legendy Stones to sell the broker. It would save game economics, because it remains very hard for news players and people who have not taken advantage of kinah's 5.8.

Releasing at least the legendy to sell in the broker, would facilitate the advancement of the game in the matter of PVP. (Goal is to stay Ultimate).

GP System: We can go back to the old GP system, 1200 or even bigger. This current 800 is very easy to keep in rank and with this we do not have an exchange of people in rank, we can give everyone the chance to get nice rank and remove people who do not influence anything in xform.

Remembering we have a fort exchange. One day Asmo. other  day Elyos., everyone can make the necessary GP amount.

Remember again, have BUF Siege, all can take GP.


Ty all.





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