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Aion's Music


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Aion music, in my most humble opinion, has always and probably always be known for its music.  Aion is the only MMO in which I do not turn off the music.  Actually I'll listen to its OST playing other games.  Here are some of my favorite musical pieces from Aion.  What musical numbers do you remember most about Aion.


Lord Lannok: 

The drums in the song reminds me of Japanese drums used to keep evil spirits away... which is fitting.  The fast pace and the addition of "bat sounds" just adds to the we are in a creepy haunted castle vibe.

Tiamaranta Balaur Fortress:


One of my favorites...   It reminds me of a dangerous dance (tango) between Tiamat, the Elyos, and the Asmodians.  Matches perfectly to the atmosphere, setting and story.  (My favorite starts at 6:15) This music plays in the Balaur Fortress outside the Eye, in the middle of Tiamaranta. Aswell as in the Basilika Cavern below the Eye. Sadly the area was taken out of the game.

Sillus Mountains:


Arguably one of the best pieces coming out of Katalam.  Sad, hopeful all at the same time... no wonder it became an instant Aion OST classic.


Very close runner ups:

Marchutan Priory: Matches perfectly withe the Lord of Fate

Curse of Ground: I remember first going to Pandemonium with the music playing and leaving the tunnel and first seeing the massive walls of the city very cool.

Step into the next world: reminds me of the Elyos to a tee.  boisterous but it works

Theobomos Hotel:  I would go to the market area in Sanctum just to listen to it

Wings of Knight: Just reminds me of Aion

Brown Sanctuary: Again I would go to the Temple of Knowledge just to listen to it.


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What a nice topic you have here.

While I dropped the game for now (waiting for more positive changes to transformation system and so on), the music from aion will stay in my playlist forever I'm sure, even many years after.

I actually have a youtube playlist with best Aion OST in my opinion:

You're free to make suggestions on what else I should include here.

My personal favorites (besides the Sillus Mountains one you already included):

^ Especially the part that starts on 6:14 

^ (All Origa tracks are so magnificent tbh)


And many more. It's hard to choose tbh.

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