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Few questions!


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I'll go straight to the point:

1) I'm playing with a relatively new toon I made exclusively to check out the new campaign quest. As a result, I am missing tons of titles which would give me various bonues like the Movement Speed. I noticed a lack of those, I have only a few which grants me only HP, PD or MP. My toon feels so slow when walking because I don't have a mount and I run out of tranformation potions. Is there a way to improve my speed? It's really frustrating playing like this because everything feels so slow! It takes me minutes and minutes to get from one side of the map to another only to get one shot by the asmos!

2) I noticed that, before this last patch, it was possible to craft permanent mounts with Luna materials which I did on my (now-ex) main Templar. Now I only see 5-days-only mounts. Are the permanent ones still craftable? How do I obtain more mounts?

3) Since now Aion has become a game quest-oriented, what's the point of keep old instances like FT or BT? Do they drop unique drops inside or what? I checked out FT just for fun with my SM and realized that everything was left the same except for Kromede that now is a boss again and not a normal elite.

4) Last but not least, I'm farming the Genesis Crystals with my SM by doing the Weeklies in Lakrum because I kinda know that they are needed to upgrade my equip but... what do I need to do first? At the moment, I'm using my Lakrum set (both PVP and PVE ones) which I enchanted a bit with the stones. Which is the next equip set? Is there a guide that I can read? I'm so confused about this!

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1. In this patch (6.x), the Korean devs introduced a new system. The transformation system gives your character the things they would have gotten from scrolls, titles and attributes on gear.. such as run/attack/cast speed. In order to use a transformation you need to unlock it with a Transformation Contract. You can get these at end bosses of end game instances (not 100%), for purchases once per week in the Gold Sands Shop with kinah (9.9 million.. expensive), from events (like the one we have right now) and from the BCM for real money. Once you unlock a transform, you then need a transformation scroll to activate it and keep it active.. just like using run speed scrolls before. No one particularly likes the system, but it's the one the Devs picked.

2. No. Perma mounts are not craftable. You can buy a perma one with real money or, if you have the Prestige Pack, you can buy one with Prestige coins but it will take you a long while to save enough. 

3. You can get legendary PvE gear for low levels in places like BT. Not sure about FT. Not sure what good legendary PvE gear is at that level, since we move through levels so quickly.

4. For PvP, you should start using your Genesis crystals to purchase the PvP gear from the Genesis crystal merchants. For PvE, you should run Mirash Sanctum (solo instance) which gives gold accessories and Cradle of Eternity (3 man.. but totally duoable in Lakrum gear and even solo-able depending on your class and skill), which gives gold armor, weapons and accessories. Once you have a full-ish set of the gold gear, you can move to FM and BoS, which drop purple gear. 

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1)almost no titles now from quests, if you want the best ones you can get it from BCM or Prestige.

For movement speed until you get legendary gear with good bonuses you can use old 5.8 boots with 22% but switch to new gear to do dps. 

Do pve instances to get transformation contracts, some green ones give 40% speed. with some luck you can get ancients contracts too with 50% speed.

Also knowing the map will help you a lot while traveling,  there are Windstreams, and Geysers that make movement around faster. Also taking advantage of Camps teleports its really usefull.

HlPGPfc.png&key=c75f33245b09e008dc2944ef     S1PJnDF.png&key=be7476df2dd3453f8ac18cdf

Images Credit to @MayBlue-DN

2)You can buy 5 day mounts from Luna 7 day mounts from lifekeepers organization 15 days mount from broker pretty cheap ones called Fleeting Chromanimbus or Permanents only from BCM or old tradable boxes from previous patches.

3) you can get unique skins from those instances. Stat wise not very useful.

4) Lakrum gear is horrible don't waste enchanment stones into that, do CoE and Mirash to get some starter gear.  Main focus of genesis crystals is pvp wich can be purified into legendary and ultimate the PvE version will be ancient always. Enchant first  the better pieces Weapon, wings, plume, bracelet, boots.

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