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Daevanion skills


Do you want daevanion boxes on the BCM ?  

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  1. 1. Do you want daevanion boxes on the BCM ?

    • Yes, a tradeable version, sellable on broker
    • Yes, a untradeable verison, only for paying customers
    • No, I want the rates increased so we can get them easier in game
    • No, leave the way it is, it is not that difficulty to get them
    • I want the rates lowered, because right now it's to easy to get them

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After getting the same skill after buying a legendary shugo for the second time paying millions of kinah, I just realized that I must likely won't be getting the skill I want anytime. 

And after months, I know for a fact that many people haven't even seen a Shugo EVER to spawn, let alone win a roll for a skill. And in 6.5 you will be able to enchant those skills, meaning even people who already have them would be greedy and still roll on boxes.

Since right now, NC is earning nothing by selling those boxes, except for extra runs to instances where you can get them, I don't see how having a tradaeable version for a moderate price would hurt the game in any way. So, NC would gain, p2w players would gain, and free players would win if they access to them in the broker.

I didnt put this on the general discussion so it doesn't get too much attention. But I'm interested to know what everybody thinks

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A tradeable version would be good, BUT I believe it is more important to make them spawn more often in instances because the ones that would end up on the broker would be very expensive and unobtainable for new/returning players. So only those of us with a lot of kinah would benefit from them being on the broker. They need to become more readily available through actual gameplay.

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