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High ping, slow game and run the game in 64-bit ?


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hello there, I moved from EU to NC 10 days ago I reached 69 today :D

BUT !!

I've very high ping around 400-700 :o

I'm in Kuwait and my internet connection is good ( 4G Huawei Router download speed is 4 MB/s )  it's far away from the servers I know but is there any way to play Aion ?

My ping in EU was 200-300 so I can play normally

but here I can't do anything especially in instances and pvp 


the other  question is the game in NC is very slow idk why not like EU 

I play on low grapichs :(

my system is :

Windows 10 pro 64-bit

Intel core i7-3537U 2.00 GHz 2.50 GHz

8.00 GB or ram 

graphics card is Amd readon hd 8730m

( everything is up-to-date )


the fps around 15-20


last question I read some topics here that 64-bit better for reduce the ping so how to run the game in 64-bit ? o.O



sorry for bad English and sorry for all these questions  :/ ..  thank you ♥  :x

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In games like Aion, ping affects your fps. One way to reduce it would be to try programs like WTFast, Reduce The Lag, Battleping, Pingzapper and maybe even Mudfish. I can't recommend you one because each program works differently for everyone. I personally use RTL (reduce the lag) and works fine. 

Aion in itself is badly optimized, and I think the EU version is a bit better in terms of speed but I still had fps drops even with the lowest settings. The engine of the game is just old. 

Usually the launcher detects the 32 or 64 bit by itself, but you can try to go into the folder of the game, and enter the bin64 folder and try to launch the game from there. I'm not sure if it'll work but it may give you an error and force you to launch the game from launcher. Some people delete the bin32, run file repair and then try to start the game.

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WTFast has had it share of issues and can randomly spike out of nowhere causing a bad effect in an instance. I'd recommend Free trials before purchasing one if you're able. I get bad lag spikes frequently from WTFast during some days and some days, I'm steady. Just try the trials if the rest have them then try a WTFast trial and see what suits you better.

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