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New account is impossible to make


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I had a friend come over to my house and saw me playing Aion and wanted to try, we made an account for him and it was done. I showed him how the characters are made and he wanted to take him time making his very first char in his account...  so we had to put Aion in my second (and older) pc, (we copied the game to flash drive and pasted it to the new pc so we did not have to wait 3 days for an update)... by the time he tried to login for the first time and make a char, he got a notification that the account wan banned due to suspicious activity!!!

An account that was just made some hours ago, was never used, never logged in, never had a char made to it... was banned due to suspicious activity! There is absolutely no way this was done by a GM, this has to be automatic, we do not even have active inspection in-game for hackers, and if we did why would a gm ban a brand new account with absolutely no activity yet?

This account was made in my pc and was never logged by my 2nd pc, my accounts have no problem and no suspicious activity to them. I am still playing.


So we sent a message to the support and we got a reply:



Before we assist you regarding your account concerns, we must verify the account in question first. Please provide as much of the previously requested information.

We look forward to your response.


GM (his name here)
NCSOFT Support Team

...what previous requested information? Is this another automatic reply? Can new players come to this game or are all new account automatically banned!

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Check the e-mail of the banned account. There should be an e-mail from Support listing the information that they need to verify. Check the junk/blocked mail if it isn't in the main inbox. If there is no mail, let Support know that you didn't receive it and ask them to resend it.

I'm not sure why the account was banned. Are you in the US? Some countries have a harder time making new accounts. 

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