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Aion 7.2: First Info


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- Dumah will get another Apsu Altar with quests that gives gear progression material
- Kamar Battlefield will be reworked and added to the game
- A monthly GP rank that awards the top 500 ranked with Legendary (PVP only) Enchantment Stones
- Stigma enchanting cap increased to +12
- Stigma enchanting rates increased
+9 - 20% > 40%
+10 - 20% > 35%
+11 - 20% > 35%
+12 - 20% > 35%
- A Greater Stigma Bonus Slot will be added to who enchant all 6 Stigmas to +12
- Another class rebalance, skill changes and stigma changes (check this link if you want to know what changed) (spoiler: NO NERFS TO PAINTER )
- New Lugbug daily missions, weekly missions and monthly missions (this was added on 7.0)


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Looks kinda interesting actually. It's like an overall buff to stigmas (although having to reach +12 will be miserable) and brings back a couple of other cool things. Kamar is alright but I also noticed a higher tier of ultimate accessory with a set effect on it. Idk if 7.0 introduced that tier with set effect or not but I definitely noticed the picture in your link with this update. 

Either way, we are still far from that patch seeing as we're still catching up to 6.5... but it's cool to look forward to nonetheless!

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Er... I am confused. In the beginning we had 12 stigma slots. They removed 6 to give us less skills. Then you got 2 more if you enchanted all stigmas to +9 and now you get 1 more if you enchant them all to +12 but the catch is the only way to effectively achieve this is you use real money. So basically we are paying, well some of us are paying for mechanics etc we had use of before??? *mind explodes* 

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