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How lucky are you this event?

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Just now I blew around 200m kinah on getting the event items, 41 boxes. What I really wanted the most is the Legendary Daevanion skill boxes.



So far, I opened around 150 boxes in total, in which I got 3 ancient box instead. IN ALL 150! I had more luck on my SW in which I got that 1 Legendary box and got a second version of the AoE shield.

So, is this event worth it? Not at all. Aside from heavy disappointment, I feel scammed.

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2 hours ago, 2s30B77F-DN said:

Did you happen to sell 50 to someone recently? The guy above your post wants to speak with you. Lmfao

Yeah I would never waste kinah or money on this event. I've actually grinded to get all those boxes <3

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