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Im curious of what we can do against the bots, cause if we report this on the support the answer is "We'll investigate", and 1 month after the bots are still there. So i want to know if there's an actual way of fighting these bots, cause it seems theres no way in game cause even the Report a bot function doesnt work, i've reported those players in like 5 different chars with that function more that once and it doesnt work at all.

My concern is related to the fact that craft is really important in this version, and most of the top players are botting, so its pretty much a black market where nobody cares and the free users or users who are not intereted in paying for a bot are harmed the worst. I expect an answer from Cyan or any GM, that makes sense. And of course anyone who has the will to give a useful opinion.

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GM should not restrict bots too much
you can ban them a few hours for hotspot grinding
or ban them entirely if bot boss
the rest bot grinding for levels should be allowed
then the game will live
many taiwan games allow bot leveling
so population always there
and only restrict at boss zones, goodies drop zones
even, they open for certain maps and channels for bots

taiwan servers are getting opened for bot concepts
this is to attract gamers to play longer
new maple story is the first game to run this concept
this game agent proved the success concept
there are more games coming out at taiwan now practicing the same idea
opening a few channel for bots leveling
population is always there
game never dies
when time to guild wars/sieges
everyone goes back to human channels
the other region games should learn from taiwan
like i said "momentum" is what players always seeking for
they wait for boss time and return to human channel
they wait for guild war and rerturn at human channel
they return to human channel for pvp
while busy, place account to bot channels
even slow better than zeroprogress

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I don't mind bots, it's just a problem when you're trying to do a quest and like 8 bots are there killing everything so it takes over a hour to get done. But yea, that is a good idea, have a channel just for bots. Because you're never going to stop it, might as well embrace it. It can be helpful to the economy when bots lower the prices competing with each other making your grind a bit more bearable.

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Back in the Idian Depths period in 5.x, NCSoft put in place a mechanic that when a character had been reported as a bot x number of times in y amount of time it automatically got the title "Suspected Bot". This title made it so that when that character killed something it no longer got any loot. To get the title removed, the character had to spend a certain amount of time doing something other than straight out killing things. (So crafting or questing or instances or just standing around.) In case potato players were just reporting people that they didn't like (and not because they actually thought they were a bot), Support was supposed to be handing out temp bans for the mechanic being mis-used.

I really wish they would bring that back.

The idea of "two channels" would not work. You can't have channels on PvP maps. 

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On 2/2/2019 at 6:56 AM, Voodoodoctor-DN said:

i don't mind bots because they keep the prices of mats down. Those who oppose it are the hardcore grinders who want to sell the mats for a high price. Also, completing the 50kills prestige quest becomes less of a chore.

Yeah they lower the prices indeed, but in this version where kinah is hard to get, the old players who have billions on their inventory, they just buy mats at a low price, and sell the items at a insanely high price, selling red masterwork 200m where the only ones who will be able to buy that are people who have been playing past updates making kinah, if bots werent there, economy will stabilize, and people will start to lose kinah if they dont sell things cheaper and farm more, its pretty basic on every game, they're just afk crafting and selling things overpriced

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14 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

Don't mind bots is a big mistake,you may get cheap items for crafting now but they will rise price of rare and expensive stuff by a lot.

Bots are never good to anyone excepted their own.Legalize bots is just as good as legalize hacking.

If you didn't notice its already legal via transformation system.

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