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"connection to the shop was interrupted" or whatever

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11 hours ago, tonton-DN said:

so basically if you dont get this msg when you enter to a pvp instance you automatically get kicked from the game

can i get feedback from more people to see if im the only one or this is a problem everyone is facing

PingZapper also gives that error. It's not a problem with the game, it's the VPN service that you are using. I use Reduce The Lag now and have no problems, before I was using PingZapper and I was getting the same error.

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50 minutes ago, tonton-DN said:

@Konkers-EK yes im currently using pingzapper everyday, so if thats the problem, what free VPN do you recommend that works the same or better than pingzapper (a VPN that wont kick me when i enter a pvp isntance ) 

There is no free VPN that I know of. Currently I'm using Reduce The Lag (reducethelag.com). They do have a 30-day free trial which works great, but you can't open two clients with the free version, only once you pay. Other than that, there are no other restrictions.

It's a bit tricky to configure at the first time because it's not like other programs. Look for videos on youtube. GL!

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actually same here i have been using pingzapper  and have the same problem. Everyone keeps saying its the pingreducers but they should not be giving this error in the first place as this is the only patch i have noticed giving me such a error due to it. aka Ncsoon! :D 

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