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Any benefit for being a returning player now ?

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The question is asking directly what's benefit for being a returning player because I couldn't find information on anywhere the only source I got is in either Russian or Korean (can't translate it since it's in a pic).Now I don't want to offline 30 days to find out so I'm asking who might know the benefits.That's all I hope my intention is clear for you to understand.

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21 minutes ago, Ereshgikal-EK said:

I stopped for 1 month now and going back again this Feb 15 and I get my returning player benefits when 6.2 hit and can I get the box again and free lakrum gears?


I’m not sure whether the Roye/Cheska gift box is repeatable though.

12 minutes ago, Neleth-KT said:

Don't see laklum gears in powerbook ? o-o


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