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Farming BoS for shugos?

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I've heard of people that have full legendary/ultimate gear use BoS and FM to farm for shugos. FM I can understand because it's small and straightforward, you just run up the hill and hope a shugo spawns.


But I don't quite get BoS. I saw a video and I get the idea, but do you just keep running in circles from the start to the 1st boss until one spawns? Is it on a time limit? Do you only get 1 chance and if it doesn't spawn within the first run through you're out of luck?

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1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

But that didn't answer my question.... Do you just run around in a circle for an hour until a shugo spawns?


In that video it only shows him killing a shugo, not the actual process of making it appear. I've seen another video where someone runs through the instance and a shugo spawned.

But what if it doesn't spawn once you've run around? Do you keep going? When do you know you're out of luck and it just won't spawn?

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Yes, run around the whole bottom part of the instance and see if you get the message. If you are capable of soloing the first boss (chanters and clerics or very geared other classes), then you can do that and go past that part all the way up to the bug boss because shugo can spawn up to that point as well.

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