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Is not 'time = money' but 'precious thing that time can not buy even with money

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Like time is money, time is closely related to value.

Money is not easy to earn, but it can increase with effort and luck. However, no matter how hard you try, time is more scarce than money in that it is hard to increase one second.

So, the power and the power of those who have power, have endeavored to have a finite time. The relationship between time and money found in the East and the West, from the pyramid to the anti-aging product, to the frozen human being, is not 'time = money' but 'precious thing that time can not buy even with money'.

So this is why we should pay more to NCsoft to save our own time when playing NC games right ? :|

# Do not live the future and focus on the present

Stop asking us about the update and enjoy lousy patches or don't ask us about mini patches that made for oversea because we're lazy ? xD

I see a big propaganda from NC in this article xD

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