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How hard is to make events with actual worthing rewards?


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Every event since the mediocre pumpkin event has been complete and utter crap. The only remotely decent item has been the legendary skill boxes from these events( and the chances of actually getting one is so astronomically low there's really now point). If you have all your skills there is pretty much no incentive to participate in any of these events. The pve enchantment stones are easy enough to get just playing the game that they aren't much of a reward, there are no pvp stones from any event so far other than that garbage shugo coin (1 stone for a week of work.....).  The only other thing that might interest me at all from any of the events are the ancient transformation contracts, but these events are so bloated with rubbish with so little chance of anything good that I have yet and pretty much count on not getting any of those.

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