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I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

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Everyone who cares about their hard earned money and this game should not spend 1 cent in the name of NCwest. This Korean companies are just so greedy  and I have seen over and over again how korean mmorpgs fail hard. I love this game for pvp but it's not playable. Ek is dead,and if you like to see how dead, you should see for yourself. People have spent real money and time building their toons on ek and this is why they rather quit than reroll. The grind for pvp gear is real. I urge you to use common sense and go on this strike with me. It will force Ncwest to take some action and do their job instead of nothing. Aion will die or survive sadly there is no middle ground. I know you all ate addicted to the game like I am because of its graphics and its pvp. The pve is garbage for me, if you want good pve go to FF14,  it's the best. For one second THINK about yourself, do you want to invest more money and time on a company that will not listen or acknowledge its playerbase? I thought gameforge was bad,but ncwest is just terrible and it deserves everything it has comming to it. So again I urge you to not spend money till we get our EK brothers and sisters out of a dead server and on to a playable server where you and I can zerg them and we should be  able to see our toons without spending thousands of dollars. Let me know what you think? Keep this topic/thread on top so everyone hopefully can join my strike. 


- Zilex EK

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@Zilex-EK uh... I made a post like this before but I'm not a known person so I usually get ignored and plus only like 20 people really use the forums. But anyways sorry EK didn't work out. But I mean to even think it was a good idea is laughable. Please stop bringing up EK cause no one really cares except the alts that are stuck there. I wish they just merged all servers when 6.0 or 6.2 launched, whatever we got first lol.

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