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6.5 Daevanion Skill Craft

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hi frenz

I have a few questions regarding the crafting of daevanion skills that becomes possible in 6.5, and I hope some of you have played in a region that already has it. Hit me wit dat knowledge, fam.

1. Someone told me that it requires 100 genesis crystals and a mat that costs 400k AP. Is this correct?

2. Is there a limit to how many you can craft? For example, is there a once-per-week purchase limit on the mat that costs 400k AP?

3. Once crafted, is it a random legendary skill or are you able to choose which skill you want?

4. Is it a morph recipe or aetherforging? If aetherforging, what level? (100, 300, etc)

5. Are the skills tradeable? For example, could I craft on my main and pass to an alt?

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From Aion Powerbook: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Craft/155204147

It's a lvl  1 Aetherforging recipe, takes 100  genesis crystals + 6 items that cost 480k AP total. It's limited to 1 craft per week as those 6 items are a limited sale from an npc.

The skill  you get is random (https://aioncodex.com/kr/item/188071258/).

Both the box and the actual skillbook are untradable.

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100 genesis crystals:

  • 2x camps (60 * 2 = 120)
  • 8x monster hunting quests (13 * 8 = 104)
  • 10x PvP quests (10 * 10 = 100)

480k AP:

  • Lose 3 PvP instances (182,000 * 3 = 546,000)
  • Win 1 and lose 1 PvP instances (182,000 + 364,000 = 546,000)
  • Win 2 PvP instances (364,000 * 2 = 728,000)
  • Play 2 sieges at 50% win rate assuming lowest reward on win (320,000 + 200,000 = 520,000)
  • Play 22 matches of Arena of Discipline at 50% Win Rate (((40,000 + 4,000) / 2) * 22 = 484,000)
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For daevanion skill combination

Here's the possible skills

You need 4 daevanion skillbooks to combine.

compose_point is a range between 40 and 120. It might have something to do with the point value of the input daevanion skills (perhaps ancients are worth 10 points, legendary are worth 20 points, ultimates are worth 30 points?)

If your total compose_point from the 4 daevanion skillbooks are 80 or more (4 legendary skillbooks?) then you will not get an ancient skillbook from the combination.




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