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6.5 Daevanion Skill Craft

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hi frenz

I have a few questions regarding the crafting of daevanion skills that becomes possible in 6.5, and I hope some of you have played in a region that already has it. Hit me wit dat knowledge, fam.

1. Someone told me that it requires 100 genesis crystals and a mat that costs 400k AP. Is this correct?

2. Is there a limit to how many you can craft? For example, is there a once-per-week purchase limit on the mat that costs 400k AP?

3. Once crafted, is it a random legendary skill or are you able to choose which skill you want?

4. Is it a morph recipe or aetherforging? If aetherforging, what level? (100, 300, etc)

5. Are the skills tradeable? For example, could I craft on my main and pass to an alt?

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From Aion Powerbook: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Craft/155204147

It's a lvl  1 Aetherforging recipe, takes 100  genesis crystals + 6 items that cost 480k AP total. It's limited to 1 craft per week as those 6 items are a limited sale from an npc.

The skill  you get is random (https://aioncodex.com/kr/item/188071258/).

Both the box and the actual skillbook are untradable.

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Posted (edited)

100 genesis crystals:

  • 2x camps (60 * 2 = 120)
  • 8x monster hunting quests (13 * 8 = 104)
  • 10x PvP quests (10 * 10 = 100)

480k AP:

  • Lose 3 PvP instances (182,000 * 3 = 546,000)
  • Win 1 and lose 1 PvP instances (182,000 + 364,000 = 546,000)
  • Win 2 PvP instances (364,000 * 2 = 728,000)
  • Play 2 sieges at 50% win rate assuming lowest reward on win (320,000 + 200,000 = 520,000)
  • Play 22 matches of Arena of Discipline at 50% Win Rate (((40,000 + 4,000) / 2) * 22 = 484,000)
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1 minute ago, GoToHellAndDie-KT said:

That mat looks like gold wing marks that we use to get from AOE and COE in 5.8 ?


Yes, the icon is the same.

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