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Hello. I would like to spend here to motivate you with the game. the changes made in the game may be a resumption of past failures. I encourage you to go back to make announcements in the game, to invest in it again with advertisements thus bringing new players to the game. Please do not let this game die. You dear reader can be someone of prominence in the company motivating her to believe once again in aion. Nowadays he is no longer naughty about raising the level, I believe this can motivate new players. Please re-release the game so that the population does not die. This game has become a fantasy for many and Artreia is losing its relatives. I believe in you ... I'm Brazilian so I did not know how to use the right words. I hope I helped you. God Bless for you

My name in the game is Harcanyel. I'm playing on the new server

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I am agree with you that a lot of things were in some way fixed, but also take into consideration that a lot of old content was erased. I found that a lot of old aion friends who left did not liked Aion 6.2 . There are things that weren´t nice for them. Lost maps, no more scrolls, all our old gear is totally useless so they need to start from 0 again. Some of them really liked the skins and they collected a lot of them. Now we can not use them and without tradeable gear, is not easy to move them. It is really hard to make a custom toon now. Even one of my friends dont want to play cause we lost some skills with some effects. That friend loved that skill. Deleted professions, gear restrictions, bug with the eyes, few instances, untradeable things, boring events.....

Aion used to have a lot of content and possibilities and maybe, at some point we understimated the amount of players doing different things....

It is not so easy to bring back the players. The experience thing wasn´t the only need. 

And agree with Cheesecake about being on EK. Come back to KT as soon as you can. 

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