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Suggestion for templar and AT

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Hi 6.7 is coming and they buffing a class that needed most buff such as sin,templar and AT sin seems good enough buffs but I don't think it's enough for templar and AT
So here is my suggestion about 2 classes.

-Make Punishing Wave and Sword Strom CDs to 30 second (Sin got their AoE reduced to 30 sec why can't templar right ?)
-Make Punishment AoE repeatable 3x 15 seconds cd (More reason people to go for greatsword)
-Make Avenging Shield Blow a normal skill 2x and heal 50% (So everyone needs to switch to shield once a while if they want HP)

Yep this stuff neat for temp but does not make them OP like they were in 5.8 Punishment damage is very random,Avenging Shield Blow is not OP at all when comparing to ranger HP/MP recovery which also non conditioned.

-Make Kinetic Slam a cast time skill 0.8 sec and reduced damage (no one like charging especially melee range and 12 sec cd)
-Half Rain of Knuckles animation I can't remember what's current RoK animation but I think it's something like 1+sec it's one of the slowest skill for AT make it half animation time will make the class feel like a lot faster.

With 2 changes it will make people feel a lot better with AT and more people will roll on this class.

Well I don't really know how classes will be affected by 6.7 but I believed with a bit extra tuned will make every class desirable.
Thanks for reading. :)

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Unfortunately people like me still cannot play AT due to ping above 200 ms.  So I cannot continue with this class.

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