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Where is the schedule for Divine F siege?


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Divine goes vuln Sundays at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Not sure what time that is for you.

I believe it's an hour before the siege that a portal to the abyss opens near the Jotun in your main town in Lakrum that allows for entry into the abyss. It disappears after the siege timer runs out.

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In America, some areas re-set clocks forward an hour in the Spring and back an hour in the Fall.

The Aion server does NOT update server time to America's time changes.

So in New York, USA, Lakrum Sieges are 10:00 pm in Fall and Winter and 11:00 pm in Spring Summer.

If we bring up an in game map and hover mouse over fort, we will see the next siege day and (server) time.


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