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sometimes i feel like a Retarded "i d i o t" buying my own stuff from the broker, and sometimes i have to open another client to distribute it to my alts, and have to sell it for 1 kinah and you have to be fast as lightning to buy your item or else somebody might take it...... yeah right?

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On 3/20/2019 at 0:32 PM, Cyan said:

This is feedback we've shared with the development team. There's currently no plan to change it but that doesn't mean it won't happen. If plans change we will be sure to let you all know.

Fix this. People using scripts to snipe items because we have no other way to trade the items that we worked to make makes it worthwhile to find better things to do than to drop a dime on this game.

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Or maybe, just maybe, you failed to see the idiocy in crying about not having the benefits of trading to/from your alt and other people's accounts while ignoring the major wealth-amassing loophole of spamming easy events on multiple chars and trading to main. So what you're REALLY crying about is that it's a tad harder for you to wave your kinah around. And actually, 3.0. You tried. Ppl really don't like the fact that making an alt means a totally separate character, do they?

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This thread is about trading things like crafted gear and guiding stones and the aetherblooms on my same account to my main without having to use the legion warehouse, in the aetherbloom's case. We all remember the alt army days pre-6.2. We also remember being able to trade normal things without having to use the warehouse and having your item sniped by a certain-program's broker script.

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I understand removing player to player trade to combat gold sellers but what does that have got to do with removing trading between characters in the same account?

Cant figure out a valid reason to ban warehouse trading other than to make farming alternates obsolete so the game will be much harder that ppl will p2w.

In any case gold sellers are still making a killing anyway even with these insane restrictions. What works in 1 region will not in another. Imo this a half ass localization effort.

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Since they've made Kibrium untradeable even between character in the same account, it has been extremely dangerous trading it to other characters inside or outside your own account.

I made a test two days ago to trade some Kibrium from one of my accounts to another. I was able to place a single Kibrium for a reasonable price without it being taken from me.

I proceeded to add the rest and within less than a second they were taken. 

I opened a ticket with our useless support, and here is their response:

"Hi there,

I have thoroughly reviewed your request and I can fully understand why you'd like to have your Ancient Kibrium back to your character. However, since the item was legitimately sold in the broker, I'm sorry to inform you that we wont be able to restore it for you. Please note that the Game Support Team is unable to intervene with a player to player transaction. I hope you understand.

Rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


GM Maru
NCSOFT Support Team"



I believe it is NCSoft's responsibility to uphold their terms and conditions.

Aion has made extremely difficult (and dangerous) to be able to safely transfer items like this between accounts.

THIS SITUATION has been COMPLETELY caused by Aion and their lack of vision, and it has gone on long enough.

NCSoft has the ability look at the search history of an account and see what they are doing, and whether or not the account is a bot but they refuse to do it.

Not only does NCSoft refuse to do it, they don't even care enough to return the STOLEN items. What NCSoft is REALLY saying is that OUR TIME DOES NOT MATTER!

It is NOT JUST that a bot is able to get away with this and WE THE PLAYERS have to suffer the consequences of NCSoft's bad programming, lack of vision, and lack of regards for its players.
The hours HOURS and HOURS of OUR TIME WASTED mean NOTHING to NCSoft and ITS support.

It is not only UNFAIR and UNJUST to me and other players, it is IMMORAL that  NCSoft SUPPORT CAN GET AWAY WITH DOING NOTHING. They say they cannot do anything when I KNOW there are logs that can investigated on case by case basis. THEY ARE ABLE to tell that thief account has been searching in the broker (probably for hours) over and over again for specific items to steal.
I KNOW you can tell that as SOON as a target item is put in the broker, that the broker bot yanks it and steals it.

How can a company be so IRRESPONSIBLE and permit THEFT inside its game. The ones that are supposed to POLICE turn a blind eye to the players they are SWORN TO PROTECT by the Terms and Conditions of the game!!!

The people that are supposed to protect us from these things DO NOT CARE about its community. They do not care when someone is violating their Terms and Conditions and DO NOTHING about it. They PUNISHING their community under the pretense that this was a legitimate "Player to Player" transaction when it NOT true!

It DOES NOT MATTER if this was a PLAYER to PLAYER transaction, a BOT stole the ITEMS, and YOU NCSOFT have to do something about it.
YOU NCSOFT cannot allow for SOMEONE to play with people's time and life like this because only YOU NCSoft are able to make a difference. I do not have your code, and I do not have the power to ban bots, kick a player, or research their history but YOU DO. So the responsibility falls on YOU NCSOFT.

You have been allowing this for too long. I am not the only victim of this. While this is happening you sit back IDLE and do NOTHING. NO, enough is enough.

You are violating your terms and conditions by doing nothing. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to US THE PLAYERS.

You NCSOFT owe US me the respect WE deserve.



Your Terms and conditions state the following and should protect us. This is something that GM Mary, and any other NCSoft Support Team member is aiding in violating when they chose to ignore the actions committed by botters such as the Broker Bot.

In case you forgot them, here are some specific ones that apply to this situation. Protect us:


You acknowledge that You may not, without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of NCSOFT, do any of the following:

(c) Use, or provide others with, any software related to the Game, including any automation software (a.k.a. "bot") or software designed to change or modify operation of the Game;

(d) Use, or provide others with, any "hack," "cheat," "exploit" or "mod";

(g) Knowingly affect the Service, the Game or Content via any bloatware, malware, computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, crimeware, scareware, rootkit or any other program installed in a way that executable code of any program is scheduled to utilize or utilizes processor cycles during periods of time when such program is not directly or indirectly being used;

(h) Be a party to any commercial activity related to the Game, including but not limited to:

(i) providing or obtaining any Item; or

(i) software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game;

(ii) software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game;

(iii) software that redirects communications from any Game or Service; or

(iv) software not provided by NCSOFT which creates or maintains any communication to the Game or Service, including but not limited to any software that emulates the Game or any part thereof as well as any server that emulates the Service or any part thereof;"




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On 3/26/2019 at 1:58 AM, Amiteahx-KT said:

It was 10 mill and I was passing from account to account. 2 characters per account so I was passing it through to 4 characters.

You're complaining that an ultimate proc was purchased for 10m? Honestly, how did you even figure out how to obtain one?

2 hours ago, Yhohan-KT said:

I proceeded to add the rest and within less than a second they were taken. 


Not only does NCSoft refuse to do it, they don't even care enough to return the STOLEN items.

As others have stated, you could have easily increased the price to ensure a safe trade. You knew how it worked and risked it anyway.

The terms and conditions are meant to protect them, not us.

You two could be good friends


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Lets get back on topic please?

I do understand and agree with the OP and others here concerning the issue of being able to trade items from character to character on the same account. I myself feel not only frustrated by this, but ripped off as well. For example:

I've been playing Aion for a very long time so thus I've accumulated a lot of gear. Some I bought from the money store and some I've worked in some cases weeks or months to get. When upon 6.0's release gear type became so restrictive, ie: plate must wear only plate, chain must wear only chain, Leather must wear only leather, and so on and so on, I am now stuck with a lot of gear some of which I bought with real money, that is no longer useable by the character who has it only because it might be chain or leather where the character in this example needs plate (my Gladiator suffers the worse from this). If I could at least trade between my characters on my one and only account I'd at least be able to give this (sometimes very expensive) gear to one of my characters that can use it. But as it stands now I can't so I'm suffering from near full warehouses with no options to even sell these items to recoup a portion of my loss both financially or in the time spent working to obtain certain items.

I won't just destroy items I worked so long to obtain or worse, destroy items I paid real money for. So, what's left for me to do?

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Quote from Cyan..


This is a possibility, and we've been in discussion with the dev team about changing items to be account bound, etc but they are unable to change many items for various reasons. We'll keep sending the feedback, but in the meantime we will try and stop it from happening the best we can.

You can find his answers and the discussion that proceeded it here.

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