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Dear Daeva Friends & Foe :)

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7 minutes ago, ZipZap-DN said:

Dear Daeva Friends & Foe,  

We hope our message finds you well during this time of great need.  

The reason we are reaching out is about fostering the Aion community and further game development. 


 To be more specific, there is a vision for the future on Aion, built on our memories and relationships that mean so much to each one of us. That vision involves everyone, from legions, to game staff, solo, RP, and hardcore players; to unite and defeat Ereshkigal, defeat her faster, better, more strongly than we ever have done before.  

The 6.5 objective: 

 - save the most time, earn the most treasure, and save us from running around not knowing what to do 

 - focus on the people that focus on you 


- come: to the community stream event  

- as we write this: leaders of our community have been coming together to host this event - learn: from everyone who will share all that they know   



Perma link: https://discord.gg/3HMcfe7

Just in case, secondary link:



- Saturday 03/23/2019 - TODAY | 19:30 Server time // 07:30 PM Server time

* start gathering after the fortress has gone invulnerable

* turn down the Groovy bot if there is music meanwhile - Stream |  
- Community event  

- Intelligence Team 
- Operations Team 
- The Brigade Generals 
- The PVP Kings & Queens  

- The PVE Kings & Queens 
- The Content Creators  

- The Secret Service (official staff) 


This is an effort to sustain this most precious game, community, and all our relationships and make difference in the gaming world LET US SUPPORT EACH OTHER MORE THAN WE EVER HAVE Because success means nothing if you’re alone.  

Warmly, with a step in the right direction.  

As we speak dedicated members of the community are gathering everything they can to make this experience and every experience in the future the absolute best! 
- please share our appreciation for everyone who is continuing to make this all possible: 
we are incredibly grateful for: Arcii, Athreo, Heichou, Melchi, Zhyrna, PrinceKuli, ZipZap, Jennie, Patkica, Healgasm, Ravenlore.... 






List will be updated soon based on participation tonight 


Please join iZerg radio – starting at 10:30 PM Server time  



Instance and patch links – we will go through some together 🙂 : 




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