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Ranger Nerfed ...


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According to the patch notes I thought ranger was getting a decent damage increase.

Log in all excited, only to see I lost nearly 1.5k physical attack.. new added skills for ranger are a joke..  Example of the damage lost - I am wearing Ultimate Gear but the Attack Stat is now the lvl of Ancient Gear!  Someone explain how Ranger got any kind of damage increase?

UNLESS they plan to give us that 360% Physical attack increase on Mau form. Lol  " i wish" who checks typo's for Ncsoft ...

Skill damage increase did nothing for the loss of the attack damage % from all our other skills... This patch was only helpful for low lvl rangers... End game ranger got fked  Prove me wrong pls... Tell me how they made us better. 


Thank you 

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Lol, my main problem is they made it seem like we were getting a damage buff when it really was a major decrease in damage. Mostly just unexpected and Ranger was really only op if fully geared +15. how many rangers burn a cleric down that is full geared ? Take a Ranger and Cleric Same Gear i bet that cleric never dies if they have half a brain.

Now don't get me wrong ranger is still going to be decent vs most but not nearly as strong as we were last patch.. and most def may only be able to kill certain classes with a group...

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