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Aion Newsletter Bonus Pack


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Hi Aion' community.

I was playing Aion like 5 years ago, now i want to comeback. In my NC account, i got a code named "Aion Newsletter Bonus Pack" i just want to know what it contains. I was surprised because the expiration date.

Mar 29, 2017 
~ Jan 01, 2100

thanks for your attention.

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A dress and some other sh*ts.


Don't come back, the dmn last patch (6.7) kill Aion for new players, also for not new ones but the one who were not be able to get full ultimate +15 (best gear in game).

They buffed all the important stuff and nerfed that majority of classes. So don't waste your time, you're happier without playing this game, even gm's and devs don't listen to us. 

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