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No GP (or too little) on sieges?

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My current theory is that the default reward/scaling for participation isn't currently working. No one Elyos side got over 200. Friend just got 1 kill on DN-E defense and got 150 GP. I feel its a server side issue.Results from KT may build that.

EDIT: Update from KT. Default 120 GP for a loss. Appears to be an issue on our server.


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I think its possibly bugged. The idea of getting max contribution, which I believe is supposed to be 800(?) now, based on getting 2-7 gp from mobs that everyone is hitting is a bit insane. Its possible, but I find to be unlikely because even doing that it could be possible to not achieve the 800 needed to maintain rank on the larger servers, let alone ek due to GP being split amongst those who take part in killing the mob. (Appears that way at least).

Clarification would be appreciated.

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Last Lakram siege today, I was in an Elyos  Xform PvP group, not part of an alliance, opened with a Siege Weapon on the gate, and after that fell, some of the group Xformed and we ran around inside the fort doing PvP, only ended up with 2GP even though the group got 51 kills. Got 160GP earlier this week in a similar group, and we didn't capture the fort like we did this time. I wonder what the new strategy is, get into an alliance and only go for PvE mobs forget PvP?

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