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15k dps in IDD? Easy


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Beritra got a defense boost and accuracy needed to land 100% of your hits got lowered. Its a good time to resocket/retune(probably should anyway) your gear if you meet the minimum requirement. It was 13k+ acc, but now, i'm guessing its probably 12k.(if someone wants to check)

Now.. the problem with almost everyones gear... crit vs attack


For crit to be useful, it needs to land, and when it does it'll boost your damage by certain multiplier. 


Critical Hits

Dagger - 2.3x

Sword - 2.2x

Mace - 2.0x

Greatsword - 1.8x

Polearm - 1.8x

Bow - 1.7x

Staff - 1.7x

Magic - 1.5x

Unarmed - 1.0x


Magic classes get the least out of it and sins/dw glads get the most.

Back before 6.0, certain classes socketed what was best for their class. ALL MAGIC CLASSES SOCKETED MAGIC BOOST. Melees was a combination of attack and crit. Why? because of the crit multiplier. I have 0 crit stone socketed. About 3/4 of my gear is socketed with +10 attack stones. That 2k crit i have is only 15%. At 3k its 20%???????


Looking at the weapon multiplier, and magic classes get the least out of it, why waste stones on it? Remember when we had 28% success rate on ancient gear after +10? Now think about all those attacks that didn't land a crit for the crit multiplier. = waste of dps. Before 6.0 when there was magic suppression, it was to hit magic boost cap, then w/e it was afterwards.


Now the Beritra fight. 


I joined when the timer was at 22-23? (really late start)mins and that was just before transforming in to the dragon. They were told to wait for dragon form until i was in(more work for me) The boss was bugged at around 66% or so, so its straight dps. Remember now that SOD and WOW have a 15 min cooldown so you can use it twice in the run. Why is that important? SWs attack and cast speed got gimped in 6.0.Pretty much no change considering the loss of 9% attack speed on gloves, meaning that sw will never hit cap unless they have the Kasinel transform. Having sod and wow up would make sw more on par with other classes that is attack speed cap. At the end of the run, 2 mins was left on the timer.



Can't really compare to others since they have their gear hidden but you see mine right? (i wouldn't even consider myself geared.. 0 accs from IDD LOL?)



How to get better? 

retune your gear. 

equipment should be tuned in this order

acc  att, acc, hp/crit

armor + hat Acc(if you have enough)+/hp, crit/any (why im i still seeing classes with 40-45k hp?)

plume/brace   Acc(if you have enough)+/hp, crit/any

wings and weap, att, acc, hp/crit

So ancient accs from coe would be be att + any. Legendary accs would be att, acc(if you plan on doing idd/pf) + any. You get the point right?


Socketing.... Again with the crit, melee classes get the most out of it.

If you're not socketing all your slots with crit, its pretty much a waste

100% worth socketing crit if your ULTIMATE gear is fully tuned with everything above. 

Other than that... attack is just fine.


Enchanting.. for dps (opposite if you play def......) The only piece i have at +15 is my wings (obviously) and pvp weap at +12 that does nothing.

Weap and wings 

Accessories, no plume or brace

armor + hat

plume + brace 




You don't have to follow this guide, but if you want to do less work and make me do less, it might be a good idea.

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A bunch of stuff i left out. 

Enchanting is only worth it if its +10-+15.

Many other factors contribute or + or - dps like rotation, ping and such but stats is just as important.

Since defense of monsters got boosted, what counters it? att or crit...?

Since ult weap is so hard to get, its a good idea to get the ult pvp weap. shouldn't be that hard, but compared to legendary, 4200 att on ult and 37-3800 on legend. thats 500 att. 

att and pvp/pve attack are both the same thing. so 15000 att is the same as 12000 att and 3000 pvp/pve att

10-11k dps is probably needed 

Not 100% sure on this but the greater difference in att and def, the more damage and increase as the difference gets larger. which is why fully geared so way more than those half or very little.


AND, when everyone is saying we need ultimate gear to do instance for ultimate gear, what bonuses do get get from it to help? The base attack and def?

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Not 100% sure on this but the greater difference in att and def, the more damage and increase as the difference gets larger. which is why fully geared so way more than those half or very little.

Not really, but a small diff in attack means a very big difference in dps. Depends on the class, of course, but a 20% increase in stat in the end means that your dps nearly doubles.

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Remember that magic resist got severely nerfed in 6.x, it no longer works as it used to.

It used to be a cap of like 50% at like 500 difference of mag. acc and mag. resist.

Now the cap has been lowered to like 30% (on par with evasion, which makes more sense), and to reach this cap you mag acc need to has a 10,000 difference from the enemy mag res.

So, what's the bottom line here? Acc is not as important as ppl makes it seem like.11k-13k, you'll see minimal difference in absolute resists.

Now the topic between crit and att is a bit of a hot topic, its true that not all classes benefit the same from it(sin should socket crit until 6k or so crit if my memory is any good), but most classes can either go for full crit or full att and the output should be similar.

And lastly, many classes have interactions with crits, so should check if you have any and see if its worth it.

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