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"Send log" possible solutions


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The error "send log" varies on each person and it's different for each computer. Most of the time, it is either because of memory overload or failure to load the memory location in the first place. What happens is that the game tries to load the graphics too fast or is unable to do so, which is why sometimes you may get it all of sudden or when you go through the door in UA (like it happened to me). Other send log errors may be related to another client-side issue. It crashes the most in SFT as there's a lot of effects and other action going on in there and the client is unable to handle it.

If you, by any chance, have used a method that may have worked to decrease the numbers of crashes or temporary fix, post it here. This post will be updated.

Note: Just become one method worked for person A, doesn't mean it'll work for person B. It's important to not rely on one method.

Method 1

Go to Options > Graphics Options > Graphics Engine. If you have the High Quality engine, I suggest you turn the "Shader Quality" way down. The client then will stop focusing on loading the background first as fast and instead focus on loading your surrounding area first. Turn down some Water Effects and Effects Quality too for bonus.

Method 2 - suggested by Hizuk-IS

Go to Options > Graphics Options > Misc > And in " Display effects for" select *None*. Remember to turn this back on for DL or Spire otherwise you won't see floor effects.

Method 3 - suggested by Cyan

Cyan suggests to run the client in 32 bit version. In order to do so (fastest and easiest way), you need to go to your main Aion folder. The top 2 folders is bin32 and bin64. It's suggested you just move the bin64 folder away somewhere else (like desktop) and run the client again through the launcher. If it doesn't work, bring the bin64 back in.

UPDATE: Currently the 64bit version has been disabled by NCWest as it's known to cause issues with the client, forcing all users to use the 32bit. The main issue with this version is that it may be laggy and/or stuttering for some users. What you can do to fix it is to bring all the graphical settings down and bringing the effects to "none" in misc settings.

Method 4 - by Unlogic-IS

In Graphics Settings, bring your Water Effects, Shadows and Effects quality to minimum while having Shader Quality to the max. In misc settings, set your display effects to "All" while Character detail to "Low"


Q. Why isn't NCWest doing anything about this ?!?!?one!

A. Because NCWest can only forward this issue to the development team in Korea, and hope for them to give a possible solution as soon as possible.

Q. Do Korean players experience the same issue?

A. Yes and no, the main issue starts with the game itself. It utilizes CPU rather than GPU, therefore, it explains the big fps drops in big cities like Sanctum/Pandae or Sieges. Korea has special gaming cafés with computers build mainly for heavy gaming. People at home follow that pattern and usually have no issues with these kind of problems.

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