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Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019


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6 hours ago, Germ-DN said:

Besides the event being rubbish like every other event why can't we for once get a proper reward list? And why on earth are we getting Level 75 Amulets and below? 4c423e0a9c.png

See its stuff like this that shows you guys aren't doing your job especially when it comes to event rewards and rates. Why are outdated rewards constantly in events and the lock boxes and when ncsoft is selling the event items on the store you should be responsible for providing useful stuff as rewards. A level 76+ event rewarding players with a level 75 and under usable reward..gg The nesting Doll event was given out C rank contracts like are you guys for real here? It appears you have one or two people trying to manage this game and they just throwing old events back up without changing the rng and the  rewards. Make it near impossible to get a nesting doll or snowball to 10 then litter the reward list with absolute garbage. This event has some good rewards but 3 s many bad ones liek rainbow snake skins...rainbow wigs? who is responsible for this stuff because they obviously don't play the game or have no insight on the game today.

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2 hours ago, RegretThis-EK said:

Are you guys 100% positive on those rates? Enchanting from 10-11 has been a nightmare for a lot of people. Add to the fact that once you get to 12, it fails (which it will), you’re right back into that black hole of trying to get from 10-11 and you find yourself burning through a lot of stones. Really fast. I started out last night with 300 ancient stones to use and morph and 10 legendary pvp stones to use on +10 gold pants, +6 gloves, and +10 shoulder plates. By the end of the night, I ended up with +10 legendary pants, +10 ancient gloves and +13 ancient shoulder plates. The easiest part of enchanting was 4-10 on the legendary pants (only failed once). Anything 10-15 just burned stones at an alarming rate

AGREED!!! I blew 17 stones TODAY! after the supposed fix-- to get +0 GG for the fix NC! Seems like the shugos are drinking heavily in that team! 

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As others noticed.. I was trying to enchant 3 ancient items with 90 ancients stones.. The items were already +12 +13.. So, I spent all my ancient stones, and just one got to +15..  the other 2 items stay on +10. Enchanting from +10 to +15 is a nightmare right now. I know that enchantment rate decrease while items are in higher level.. But say an example. This is how i see it, i dont have a way to test it.

Ancient item plus ancient stones..

level   Rate

1       100

2        90
3        90

4       90

5       90

6       80

7       80

8       70

9       70

10     60

11     20

12    20

13    10

14    10

15     5

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