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Black screen client


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So I had this issue yesterday, and here is how I fixed it (found from an old thread on the old forums):

Close your Aion client if it's still running.

Go to your Aion folder (default for me was: C: > Program Files (x86) > NCSOFT > Aion) and delete the file system.cfg.

Restart your Aion client. It will look for this file. When it cannot find it, it will create a new default system.cfg. What that means is that when the game starts up, it will have the default settings on the Graphics tab in Options. So you will need to reconfigure your graphics settings to whatever you had them before.

Very easy fix though!

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It sometimes happen because of the conflict with some windows program also.

u will not believe but when u start update of Microsoft office and try to play aion. then the game crashes.

its funny but i experiences that.

so here is the thing delete the file mentioned above and restart your system.

and before restart stop all the programs from auto run at startup which are not necessary.

and so after restart launch the game first.

maybe this will solve ur problem.

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